Friday, September 11, 2009

Last Call for the Fall!: Assessment in E-learning

Have you realized how powerful assessment is in the online learning environment? Assessment has the capability to drive interactions and engagement, as well as minimize plagiarism in the electronic classroom, strengthen higher-level learning and build e-portfolios. Learn what is needed to become an excellent online course designer while developing your electronic record keeping systems and methods for evaluating student learning, discussion postings and group projects. Become familiar with assessment tools that could make or break your online course.

EDUC 762 900C 3 graduate credits 
September 21 – November 14, 2009

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What the students are saying:

"My toolbox runneth over thanks to everyone here. I now have a whole arsenal of tools, a clearer vision of how to use them, and a brain full of ideas."
~ Susan Inak, 30 years in education; Middle School Science Teacher and Media Specialist.

"I feel more comfortable trying new things - actually pressing those buttons to see what else I can do with a tool. I enjoyed our discussions and felt support from everyone in the class. I truly felt like I learned a lot.  Everyone brought more to the material for me with their comments."
~ Melissa Anibas, Nursing Instructor

"My appreciation goes to Dr. Khalsa for the great course that she has created. This course has taught me some great assessment tools that can be used in my future online courses.  I have learned advantages and disadvantages of many of these tools."
~ Dora Szemborski, College Accounting Instructor  

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