Monday, May 30, 2011

Assessment of Student Learning in the Online Classroom (E-Learning Assessment)

Last Call Summer 2011!

EDUC 762 960 June 13 – August 5, 2011 Instructor: Datta Kaur Khalsa
EDUC 762 961 June 20 – August 12, 2011 Instructor: Jim Erbe 

Assessment in E-Learning (Click Here for Course Description.)

EDUC 762 3 semester hours graduate credit

As an educator you already understand the importance of efficient and accurate assessment. Have you realized how powerful assessment is in the online learning environment?

Assessment has the capability to drive interactions and engagement.
Assessment can minimize plagiarism
Assessment can strengthen higher-level learning.
Assessment can streamline blended learning environments.

Learn what is needed to become an excellent online teacher and course designer while developing your electronic record keeping systems and methods for evaluating discussion postings and group projects. Become familiar with assessment tools that could make or break your online course.


Module 1: Why is Assessment Important?
Module 2: Emerging Practices of Online Assessment
Module 3: Perfect E-Storm
Module 4: Variety of Assessment Tools
Module 5: Taxonomy of Assessment
Module 6: Cybercoaching - an Emerging Model
Module 7: Summative Assessment
Module 8: Discourse Analysis

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Some might think of online assessment as a dry topic. You'll find this class anything but dry! This is a great course! Take the leap and join now.

You won't be disappointed

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Dennis O'Connor
Program Advisor
E-Learning and Online Teaching
Graduate Certificate

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  1. Took this course last summer with this instructor. She was a fantastic teacher, great experience, learned so much.