Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Adjunct Professor: Kay Lehmann's Dream Job:

Dr. Kay Lehman & Lisa Chamberlin co-teach UW-Stout's EDUC 761 Creating Collaborative Communities in E-Learning.  

Kay and I first met when we were going to school together (online) earning our masters degrees in online teaching and learning. She has been a vital part of my personal learning network ever since. In many ways an adjunct professor is like a rōnin samurai. We have to keep our skills sharp to survive in a challenging landscape.

Since so many readers of this blog are seeking to advance their online teaching careers I want to share a blog post Kay did recently on the realities and strategies of working online. Kay is wise and highly skilled.  

In all fairness... I do have a dream job!

"...It works because I've made it work. I've curated a full time job by piecing together courses from several institutions, freelance-style, within an educational industry that has yet to figure out what its going to be when it grows up and become technologically self-aware."


Kay gives you an unvarnished inside look at the world of an adjunct professor. Great advice and a realistic look at our profession. ~Dennis

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