Monday, December 12, 2011

Where and How to Find Online Teaching Jobs

Teaching is the best job in the world. You help people. You spend your work life energy participating in an endlessly fascinating process. You also get paid to learn.

Online teaching adds geographical independence and a big dose of entrepreneurship to the life of a teacher.  I've found that to be a very good thing.

As the program advisor and instructor for the University of Wisconsin-Stout's Online Teaching Graduate Certificate Program,  I teach online classes every semester.  Another very important part of my job is helping people find work.

I try to keep our students informed of new jobs as I find them. However,  when I search I find thousands of online teaching jobs.  I can't republish them all on my E-Learning and Online Teaching Jobs Blog. Instead, I want to show you where you can find those job leads for yourself.  (Don't miss the RSS feeds highlighting e-jobs found in the right hand column of this blog.)

I'm convinced, that at this very moment, the perfect online teaching job is waiting for any talented teacher with the right combination of subject matter skills, e-learning training and professional networking.

The E-Learning Employment Triangle:

With the proper qualifications most work will come through your professional network. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't search directly for work and put together the necessary paperwork to land the online teaching jobs you seek.

Here are two job search engines that produce results.  Take the time to set up accounts and upload fresh resumes.  Be sure your online e-portfolios are polished and ready for a critical eye.  Then start searching!

One final hint:  These snapshots represent searches for very recent jobs.  You can also search for all job listings because even if the institution doesn't have a job available right now, you might land one in the future.   Don't under estimate the power of getting your application into the Adjunct hiring pool.  

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