Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Blended classrooms, Online Adjunct, Online Teaching, It all works

This blog is an artifact of my time working in a blended classroom, Teaching EDUC 422: Technology Tools for Teaching & Learning, as an Adjunct Instructor for the College of Education at Cal-State San Marcos.

I was "Terminatored" out of a job as part of severe cutbacks in staff and class offerings (accompanied by significant tuition hikes) that occurred in California in 2009 / 2010.  Luckily the CSUSM job was just one of many teaching opportunities I have.  I continue to teach online and prosper without having to commute to a face to face classroom at a set time of day.

CSUSM is a fine school and the College of Education is dedicated to meeting ISTE Standards. I have a long history as an ISTE consultant and was fascinated by the experience of putting the NETS Standards to work in a face to face classroom.  The faculty at CSUSM are dedicated professionals. Like teachers everywhere they strive to do the best they can in a very difficult climate. Short staffing, limited classes, and tight budgets continue to erode the educational opportunities in California.

I truly enjoyed working with young (and not so young) teachers to be. It was fascinating to teach in a blended classroom and help the next generation of classroom teachers ramp up their ed-tech skills as they prepared to teaching in the 21st Century.

I remain very grateful for the opportunity and thank Dr. Kathy Hayden in particular for her insights and mentoring.

I taught in the face to face classroom for 25 years.  I've been an online adjunct for the past 11 years.  My sojourn into blended instruction was a fascinating and informative experience.   These days I don't commute. Instead I work full time as an online teacher, ed-tech consultant, and curriculum developer.  I'm delighted to still be teaching and am particularly fortunate to be following my passion.

For all of the students I worked with at CSUSM, I wish you well.  I'm betting many of you are in the trenches of public education.

Fight the good fight.  Follow your passion.  Make a difference!


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