Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Finding Online Teaching Jobs: Are you a Online Teaching, Adjunct Instructor, K-12 Virtual Teacher?

Getting Started Teaching Online

I recommend Brian Robison's How to Teach Online website. Brian has done a wonderful job of explaining how an adjunct instructor, online professor, or virtual schoolteacher can compete effectively for the many online teaching opportunities available across the country and around the world.

Sign up for Brian's E-Learning Tips newsletter.  He's very clever, has great insights, and is good writer. Brian has created a series of  highly informative articles, many backed up by a training video, that will walk you through the process of finding and keeping online teaching jobs.

You'll learn  how to juggle multiple jobs with different online campuses. He'll help you understand time management and the necessity of getting organized before you are swamped with responsibilities. your time as you dig in to find enough online work to make a reasonable living. He talks sense about writing resumes and CVs,  sending applications, and professionalizing your email.  He also has rock solid advice on how to keep re-applying for e-jobs in a way that will keep an HR manager interested.  Consider his advice when you're told a school is not hiring.

They are NOT hiring! - Online Teaching Jobs from Brian Robison on Vimeo.

To develop a full time job as an Adjunct Instructor you must pro-actively work to grow your employment base beyond a single institution.  It's not wise to have all of your eggs in one basket. Most adjuncts create a full-time online job by teaching courses for a number of schools.

Most of this is just good common sense that Brian will explain to you in upbeat clear prose. It  helps to get advice from an online pro who thinks deeply about the job search realities of being an online adjunct instructor. He'll show you how to search for jobs and cope with the confusing and sometimes frustrating pursuit of online employment.

As I explained in my article, Finding E-Learning Jobs, you must develop your subject matter expertise, grow your professional network, and polish your online teaching skills. Once you're prepared to teach online you'll need determination and a solid plan to find the right jobs.

As you plan your online career, be sure you go to Brian's website:
  • Think about how to organize yourself to become a successful online teacher. 
  • Sign up for his newsletter
  • Watch his videos
  • Take action!
Listen to Brian. He's a sharp guy and he's talking sense!

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  1. Thanks for this new resource! Working as a full-time part-time adjunct is a challenge. You definitely want to work for a variety of institutions. Finding jobs which do not require a person to be on-site at some point is a challenge! For time management I would suggest this link

  2. Growing your network is so important to finding work. This type of employment can be isolating unless you consciously make the effort seek out others in the field and build the connections via programs like Stout, and sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, and live chats like #edchat on Twitter.

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